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These days, everyone knows someone who has struggled with a divorce or conflict within the family, but that does not make going through these issues any less isolating.

At Berardi Law, we strive to help people through difficult personal issues by helping them make thoughtful, level-headed legal decisions. Our family law practice is primarily focused on divorce and related issues, such as distribution of marital assets and support payments, but we offer experienced counsel in a wide range of other family-based legal matters as well.

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Every Divorce Is As Unique As The People Involved

We take a unique, creative approach based on every client's specific needs. As your family law attorney, Berardi Law will guide you through the divorce process, protect your interests and make sure you understand the implications of things like:

  • Who will live in the family home while you work out the details of your divorce?
  • What factors do the court consider when determining child custody and parenting time?
  • What happens if your spouse doesn't adhere to the agreements you make during your divorce?
  • What kinds of financial support will be determined by your divorce agreements?
  • How can you protect your own financial interests before you get married?
  • What are considered marital assets in agreements related to the division of property?
  • What can you do to establish paternity and protect your rights as a parent?
  • Is there a way to gain custody and visitation rights as a grandparent? As a stepparent? As an extended family member?

You are not alone. Here are some of the most common questions we are asked by people who call our office to discuss their concerns about divorce.

A Cooperative, Yet Assertive, Lawyer When You Need It

Making informed decisions now will help you for many years, especially since most spouses still must work together after a divorce is final. When possible, we will help you avoid the stress and cost of litigation and facilitate a cooperative decision-making process. We will, however, always take a stand in defense of your rights and your best interests.

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