Massachusetts Divorce Attorneys Serving Greater Boston and Central Massachusetts

Separating from your spouse, whether you are married or unmarried, is likely to be one of the most difficult personal issues you will face. This is a time of great uncertainty, and you need to keep a level head as you deal with the personal and emotional challenges along the way.

Our strength at Berardi Law is our ability to both advise and represent our clients when they file for divorce. We do not simply walk into the courtroom or sit down at the negotiation table on their behalf. We work with them every step of the way to make sure their family's unique needs are addressed and their own rights are protected.

Ultimately, your divorce involves decisions that only you can make. We are here to help you retain as much control as possible over the proceedings and agreements that will affect you today and for years to come.

Resolving Child Custody, Support Payments And Property Disputes Effectively

Many lawyers approach legal representation in one of two ways: mostly settlements or mostly litigation. We believe that no legal matter can be resolved in exactly one way. Many factors will determine how we approach your case:

  • Is your spouse willing to work with you and remain cooperative through the proceedings?
  • Are there any issues on which both you and your spouse are unwilling to negotiate?
  • Do you have children to consider as disputes are resolved?
  • Will you have to work together after your divorce is final to raise your kids?
  • Are any prenuptial agreements in place to guide the decision-making process in a divorce?
  • Do you have significant assets like retirement accounts, pension plans or investment property to consider?

When you work with an attorney at our firm, you will receive representation tailored to your circumstances. We will never needlessly drag you into court when negotiating agreements will better serve your interests. In many cases, settlements end up saving you money and help to achieve an outcome that more accurately reflects your and your family's needs.

Discuss your case with a divorce lawyer during an initial consultation. Our offices in Boston and Woburn can be reached online or by telephone at 617-206-4667 to arrange an appointment. We help clients throughout Greater Boston and Central Massachusetts. This includes Middlesex County, Suffolk County Essex County and Worcester County.