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Historically, child custody has been treated like a reward for good parenting, with many people assuming that primary custody will automatically be given to the mother. Times are changing, however, and courts throughout Massachusetts are reflecting what our attorneys have always known to be true:

Both parents play a crucial role in raising a child, and child custody agreements should foster positive parental relationships between both parents and children whenever possible.

With that said, there are times where it is in a child's best interest to primarily live with one parent over another.

At Berardi Law, we are focused on finding the right resolution in your child custody case to ensure that your rights as a parent are protected and your child can enjoy a stable family life after your divorce is final.

What Are My Child Custody And Visitation Rights In Massachusetts?

Courts consider the best interest of the child above all else when determining issues of physical versus legal custody, joint versus sole custody and shared custody agreements. Your rights as a parent are a direct reflection of that.

We can make a strong case in defense of your rights as a parent by highlighting:

  • The positive relationship you have built and can continue to develop with your children
  • Concerns you have about your spouse's parental fitness such as drug use, employment issues, unstable personal relationships, etc.
  • The advantages or disadvantages of your child remaining in his or her current school or living arrangement
  • Your child's relationship with extended family members and whether or not those will be jeopardized by certain custody arrangements
  • Your or your spouse's willingness to work together in customized parenting time agreements

Remember that your child is affected by your divorce just as much as you are. We can help you focus on what matters most while not sacrificing the important relationships in your life.

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